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10 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most used room in the house next to the kitchen. It has the most fixtures and plumbing in the house meaning it is the most likely to suffer some heavy wear and tear over it's use time. The bathroom is important both functionally and aesthetically for your home. When guests come over to your house, again, a room that gets used the most is the bathroom and most homeowners want their bathroom to look and feel great.

Maybe your bathroom isn't the way you want it, or maybe you're just unsure on wether or not you should renovate it in the first place. In this article, we will lay out the 10 reasons why you should renovate your bathroom.

  1. Give Your Bathroom A Facelift: Of course the first point on the list will be the most obvious. Is your bathroom feeling old and outdated? Maybe you just want a bathroom that looks newer than what you have. Does your bathroom have carpeted floors, a white or pink square tiled shower, and your toilet and vanity are stained and scratched due to the years of use? While that's okay, those colors and design choices were normal when they were installed, modern design trends have changed the way bathrooms look and it might be time for you to update yours. With a fresh coat of paint, new tile in the shower, new tile floors and a fresh vanity and toilet, your bathroom can really become something amazing and a space you'll feel proud of when you have guests over to your home.

  2. It Will Add Value To Your Home: When homebuyers are in the market for their next home, their are two rooms that are the biggest selling points for any home. The kitchen and the bathroom. Even if you're not ready to sell your home or you're just wanting to at the moment, one day you might and with your bathroom being renovated and upgraded, you will be in a much better position to cash in an get as much money out of your home as possible. Homebuyers will consider your house more with the renovated bathroom than not.

  3. Increase Energy Efficiency: "Back in the day", as my mom always says, there wasn't a ton of thought thrown into the energy efficiency category when design and building homes. Toilets used a lot more water, windows allowed heat to escape like the window didn't even exist, plumbing wasn't ever really inspected thoroughly like it is today, if at all, and surfaces were really designed to be in areas where moisture would be present. Modern bathrooms now have updated windows to keep the heat or cool air in, toilets and faucets use less water, plumbing is much less prone to failure, and the surfaces are more water ready. This will all help protect your home, and your wallet from costly energy bills and expensive damages.

  4. Remove Any Mold or Mildew: Often times, older bathrooms were never properly ventilated, water leaks that happened over time were often not addressed in a timely manner, or at all, which causes the subfloors, drywall, and other areas of the bathroom to grow mold and mildew. Both of which are not good for your home or your health. If you have respiratory issues, any mold or mildew can cause complications that nobody wants. Sometimes, if the damage is bad enough or if the moisture was present long enough, there could be mild, or in extreme cases major, structural damage that can compromise the integrity of your homes structure. Luckily, when renovating your bathroom, these issues are exposed and able to be fixed to ensure that the mold is no longer a problem.

  5. Remove Asbestos: If your home was built before July 12, 1989, there is a good chance your home may have asbestos. Asbestos was outlawed due to the health risks is poses to humans and having it in your home is less than desirable. Renovating your bathroom will allow for the asbestos to be taken care of and your bathroom to become safer for your and your family. It is recommended that you get your home tested for asbestos before starting your renovation project. Especially if it was built in the 1980's or earlier.

  6. Make the Bathroom More Functional: People's lives change and maybe your circumstances have changed from when you had originally bought the house to today. Maybe when you bought the house you were a newly wed couple and now you have a couple kids running around and the layout of your bathroom that worked for the 2 of you, isn't working so well for more than that. Maybe you've gotten older, and the possibility of taking a bath just doesn't make sense anymore. Whatever has changed, it is important to see if the current functionality of your bathroom is still working for you and if it needs to be changed.

  7. Make Your Bathroom Bigger: Typically, older homes have bathrooms that are smaller. It wasn't so common in older homes to think of a bathroom as being an important room in the house in which space is needed. Having a larger bathroom will not only make it more modern and up to date, but it will also make it easier to use for those in your household. Sometimes making your bathroom bigger isn't always possible and that's okay. If your home just doesn't have a way to increase the size of your bathroom, insider reading our article on How to Make A Smaller Bathroom Feel Bigger.

  8. Add Another Bathroom: Depending on how old your home is, you may only have one bathroom. Often times in older homes, only one bathroom was designed into the layout. This means that everyone shares the same space when trying to get ready in the morning, or trying to get ready for bed. It also makes family gatherings or events with friends a challenge if more than one person needs to use the restroom at a time. Utilizing some space in your home to create a second bathroom will immediately alleviate all of those problems and give you an opportunity to host more gatherings, have more than one person get ready at a time, or other reasons you may need another bathroom.

  9. Add Safety: Maybe you're at a point in your life where the bathroom has become more of an obstacle course than a bathroom. Maybe someone in your home has a sports related injury and needs to be able to enter the shower with ease, or maybe you just had a knee replacement surgery and you can't get in the tub like you used too. Renovating your bathroom will allow for you to add certain safety measures in place to keep you and your family safe. Maybe you need a walk-in shower instead of that tub/shower combo. Or maybe you need slip resistant flooring. Or maybe you need some grab bars installed to ensure you can navigate your bathroom with ease.

  10. Build An Escape Within Your Home: My wife absolutely LOVES taking baths. At the end of a long day, there is nothing that she loves more than lighting a few candles, filling up the tub with some nice, hot water with her favorite bubble bath and bath bomb, and soaking in the tub to wash the stresses of the day away. Your home needs a place where you can escape after a long day and be able to relax and enjoy the space. Renovating your bathroom to be more of an oasis than just a bathroom can make it feel like you're at the spa rather than being at home in your bathroom.

Renovating your bathroom my sounds like quite an undertaking. But it doesn't have to be. A renovation can be as simple as changing some fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, and other small upgrades. Or it can consist of gutting the whole bathroom and starting from scratch. It is worth the investment to renovate your bathroom as the return you can see both financially and in your day to day life can be monumental. The cost of renovating a bathroom will ultimately depend on your budget and how far you're willing to go with it.

If you are in the Northern Nevada, Reno, Sparks, Incline Village or surrounding areas and are interested in starting that bathroom renovation or remodel you've always wanted, our team of remodeling experts here at Paramount Craftsman Services are here to Bring Your Vision To Life and give you that dream bathroom. Learn more about our process by visiting our website here.


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