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Common Myths About Home Remodeling

If you are like many homeowners out there, you have considered doing a remodel, either big or small to your home to give it an upgrade that it might need. While there may be many reasons for wanting to do a remodel, there are two main reasons our remodeling team at Paramount Craftsman Services are contacted to tackle a remodeling project. The two most common reasons we see homeowners wanting to take on a remodeling project are they're home is getting dated and they want something new they can enjoy for years to come, or they want to sell their home and they believe that if they put a certain amount of money into giving their home a facelift, that they will see a sizable return on their investment. No matter what reason you may have, there are some common myths about remodeling projects that we would like to address here that may aid in your decisions on how you handle the project.

The most common myths we find ourselves helping our clients through during a remodeling project are:

  1. You can choose the cheapest marterials and still get top dollar results

  2. Remodeling is fast…

  3. …Or it always takes forever and goes over budget.

  4. It's cheaper to do it yourself(DIY)

  5. It won't cost a lot

  6. You can use a handyman instead of a licensed contractor

Let's talk about each one of these to help you understand these myths.

  1. You can choose the cheapest marterials and still get top dollar results. Many times when taking on a remodel, homeowners want to replicate the results of a high-end remodel on a budget. While it is possible to remodel your home on a budget, you can't expect top results from it. For example, when remodeling a kitchen, a low end faucet that costs $150 is typically made of plastic, has a short, limited warranty, and is more likely to fail due to low quality components. Where as if you chose a faucet between $300-$500, or even more expensive, you tend to get high quality components, longer warranties, and real metal finishes which increase the durability and lifespan of the faucet. This same principle can be applied to all aspects of the remodel including, light fixtures, countertops, cabinets, toilets, tubs, etc.

  2. Remodeling is fast… Often we are asked, "how quick can you get this remodel done for us?" We are honest and explain that on average a kitchen remodel will take about 6-8 weeks. While this isn't always the case depending on the size of the kitchen and what is being asked of us to complete. More elaborate kitchen remodels can take around 12 weeks, while more basic remodels can take as little as 3-4 weeks. The response we get back from our clients at times is, "Wow! That is much longer than we expected." After digging a bit deeper, we learn that after our clients have done some research online, they have found that some articles explain the kitchen remodels can be super fast and take 2 weeks, which is rarely the case. Work with your contractor to determine a timeline and get an understanding of how long it will actually take to complete.

  3. …Or it always takes forever and goes over budget. If you're like me, you know someone who either has gone through a remodel, or they know someone who has gone through a remodel and all they have to say about it is that it was the worst experience of their lives and that it cost them way more than expected and it took twice as long as they were hoping. While this definitely happens, it isn't common practice. There are many ways to avoid it happening. As mentioned above, the best ways to avoid these issues is to work with your contractor to establish budgets, a scope of work, and a timeline for completion. Now keep in mind, it is entirely possible that there can be some unknowns that rear their head, materials can get delayed, or other problems that are out of the contractors control. These can always add to the timeline and budget, but it is up to your contractor to present these to you and gain your approval for the changes and their costs before proceeding.

  4. It's cheaper to do it yourself(DIY). There are reasons contractors exist and the main reason is because they have years of experience in the field doing the work you hired them to do. This is a huge benefit to you because not only do they know what to do, they know what NOT to do. They have learned the ins and out, the tips and tricks, and have the tools necessary to do the job at hand. The tools they use in most cases can amount to thousands of dollars and their experience has been gained over thousands of hours on the job site. It is important to understand the value of these and to not take them for granted. I can't tell you how many times we have been brought into a remodeling project that the homeowner started and realized part way through that they couldn't finish the job and decided to call a contractor in to complete the project. Often times what happens is even though you may have done some demo and other work, the contractor has to charge you to undo some of the work you have done to bring things up to their standard, or even just up to proper building code. This can result in thousands of dollars in work that would have been better spent giving to the contractor in the first place to ensure the job was started correctly and each step of the way was addressed as it should be,

  5. It won't cost a lot. Another myth we run into a lot when speaking to our remodeling clients is that their project should only cost $X. They have spent hours of research looking at Home Advisor or Angi's list article telling them that their home remodel should be around $10,000 and only take 2 weeks. While this would be amazing if it were true, that is never the case. The problem is that these online companies factor in many different job types and many cities all around the country when spitting out these random numbers. A remodel to them could be as simple as repainting your cabinets. The truth is, you won't actually know how much it will cost or how long it will take until you speak to your contractor. I can tell you this, whenever we have had a potential client present us with the research of how much they think the remodel will cost, 10 out of 10 times the actual cost to do the remodel is significantly more. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is every home is different and every homeowners wants are different. Often times, cabinets alone can cost anywhere from $10,000-$50,000+ depending on how fancy you want to get. So all this to say, before assuming what the price of your remodel might be, it is safest to work with your local remodeling contractor to determine what the cost will actually be.

  6. You can use a handyman instead of a licensed contractor. This is the final and most unknown or least talked about myth on the list. While the require,ents may vary from state to state, it is almost always required that your contractor that does your remodel is licensed by your local contractor governing agency to do the work. For example, in our state, Nevada, it is illegal for a handyman to do any job exceeding $1,000, including materials and labor, without having a contractors license issues by the Nevada State Contractors Board. If a handyman is caught having done work they aren't licensed for, there are heavy fines, and in some circumstances, jail time is involved. The reason these contractors boards are in place is to vet contractors and protect homeowners. There have been many instances where unqualified, uninsured, and under trained, This often results in losses to the homeowner in one way or another like damaged property, incomplete work, incorrect work, or even worse, someone who collects a deposit for the work and you never hear from them again. While it sounds crazy, it happens all the time and more often than we would like to admit. These governing agencies like the contractors boards require that licensed contractors pay into what is called a "recovery fund" to ensure that if you flake on a client or don't adhere to the terms of the contract, the homeowner has something a way to recoup their losses and not be left in the dark. It basically ensures that the licensed contractors have "skin in the game." Protect yourself and your home and be sure to hire a professional, locally licensed contractor for the work you need done.

There are some other myths we hear about remodeling from time to time when working with our clients but they are more rare than the ones listed here. The safest way to avoid any myth mentioned on this list, and even the ones not listed, is to work with your remodeling contractor directly. Have open lines of communication and be honest if you don't understand something or if you need further clarification on some items. Like the old saying goes, "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask." Most contractors are honest and are willing to work with you as long as you are willing to work with them and trust that they are the experts. That's not to say that you don't have a say in how your remodel turns out, but if they explain that something needs to be done a certain way or that something can't be done at all, in most cases, they are being upfront and honest and just trying to guide you in the right direction.

If you are looking to start a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, or a whole home remodel and you are located in the Northern Nevada, Reno, Sparks, or Incline Village areas, our local team of remodeling experts here at Paramount Craftsman Services have what it takes to Bring Your Vision to Life. Learn more about our remodeling services and how we can best help you by visiting our website here.


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