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Water Heaters

The Water Heater Experts!

There are some factors to think about when you need a new water heater in Reno/Sparks, but Paramount Craftsman Services is here to help you choose.

Before you install a new water heater, you’ll want to figure out which system best matches your home’s needs.

Our team of professionals is ready to meet with you about all the things you’ll need to consider. This involves fuel type, tank depth, energy efficiency and which models you can afford.

We’ll go over this with you during your no-cost consultation and quote. Like our other services, your new water heater will be covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

Water Heater Servicing

Whether your water heater is new or old, tankless or tanked, gas or electric, there is no denying that when a water heater fails it can cause stress and frustration as well as cost a great deal to replace and even clean up when they leak.   Water heaters go through a lot of wear and tear over their lifetime as they are constantly expanding and contracting every time they heat up.   This wear and tear causes unwanted stress on the tank and can lead to failed components or tanks all together.   Sediment can build up and cause your water heater to not heat properly which can lead to cooler temperature water, hot water that doesn't last as long, or no hot water at all.    With our water heater servicing, we perform a 20 Point inspection, cleaning, and a full flush of the system to ensure you get the longest life possible out of your unit.  

Our service includes:

-Drain down water heater to flush any sediment.

-Flush system with water heater solution to break free any sediment, debris, and foreign objects.

-Pull burner assembly(if applicable) and clean burner and burner housing to remove any soot buildup.

-Check water heater igniter/pilot assembly.  Make adjustments if needed.

-Pull and check heating elements (if applicable).  Check for corrosion or sediment build up.  Clean as needed.

-Check water heater expansion tank pressure, if expansion tank is present, and adjust pressure to match incoming water pressure.  

-Check all water and gas connections for any leaks or signs of plumbing being compromised.

-And much more!

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