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Is Your Bathroom Too Small?

You have had it. You are at your wits end with your bathroom. It seems like every time you are in your bathroom you don't have enough space. You're toiletries and other bathroom necessities are stacked everywhere and you are bumping elbows with your significant other every morning as you are trying to brush your teeth as he/she is trying to get in and out of the shower or grab their tooth brush so they can brush their teeth in a different bathroom or even the kitchen. If this is the case for you, your bathroom may just be too small.

On the flip side, maybe you are just feeling cramped and like you are running out of space. Maybe you are just feeling like there isn't enough space for you to get ready and you are wondering, "Am I crazy, or is my bathroom just too small for me now?" Which is a totally normal thing to happen! Especially if you have lived in the home for awhile. While I can't tell you exactly if your bathroom for sure is too small, what I can tell you is things that we have been able to identify from our years of experience as bathroom remodelers that are signs that you bathroom may just be too small and its time to upgrade.

Ways you can tell if you bathroom is too small:

  1. Your Bathroom Is Cluttered: Often times what we see when someone calls us to discuss the possibility of their bathroom being too small is that they explain that their bathroom has begun to feel cluttered and overrun by bathroom supplies. They walk in and their shower is full of a variety of soap bottles and loofas as well as the sink is covered in the necessary items like make-up, tooth brushes and tooth paste, vanity mirrors, razors, etc. It seems like everywhere they look there is stuff and its stuff they need to get ready but there isn't enough space to put it all.

  2. Not Enough Storage: This is more like point 1.5. It ties into the clutter scenario but to be more specific, you are running out of storage or you don't have any storage at all. Sometime if your bathroom is really small or is an older home, you may have a pedestal sink rather than a vanity and there is no storage cabinets or shelving of any kind in the bathroom. While you have your bathroom necessities that you need to get ready every day, you may have nowhere to put it once you're done with it. Having a larger bathroom allows for increased storage capacity with built in shelves or cabinets.

  3. There Isn't Enough Room For More Than One Person: This one is pretty self explanatory but to give you an example of this, lets assume you are in the bathroom doing your usual steps for getting ready for the day and your husband/wife is also needs the bathroom to either shower, brush their teeth, or whatever else. You are standing in front of the mirror doing a particular task, lets say brushing your teeth, and they also need to do the same. You then have to step away either out in the hall way or in front of the toilet, or maybe you just fight for space in front of the vanity bumping elbows. Either way, your bathroom is definitely too small if you cant seem to go through your morning routine without bumping elbows with your husband/wife and it may be time to upgrade.

  4. You Feel Like You Have Outgrown Your Bathroom: While there may not be an obvious sign that your bathroom is too small, sometimes it may just feel that way. You walk in and it just feels cramped. Like there isn't enough space or maybe it feels like the walls are just right. there. It could just be that your bathroom gives a vibe. I don't know. But often times we are told when we are called about bathroom remodels is that there isn't necessarily anything wrong with their bathroom but it just feels too small. It could also be as simple as your family has grown since you bought the house and now you are wanting a bigger bathroom. Whatever the reason you are feeling this way, we think you should speak to your contractor about increasing the size of your bathroom.

  5. Your Child's Bathroom Items Are Taking Over: If you are like most new families, your bathroom may be an okay size for you but you have recently had a new baby, and if that is you, congratulations, and when you walk in your bathroom there are bath toys and tear-free shampoos, and bath towels with the hoods and little ducks on them that are hanging where your towel usually goes. Maybe you have gotten to the point where you feel overrun by the baby bath supplies that you just wish you had more space. And we all know, every new parent needs their space... If this is you, asking for a larger bathroom may help you feel less overrun by the never ending supply oof baby toiletries.

There are other points that are mentioned to us from time to time but we wanted to give you the top 5 most common reasons people ask us if their bathroom is too small and if they should upgrade. If you have any or all of these issues, it may be worth reaching out to your preferred bathroom remodeling contractor in your area and discuss the possibility of upgrading the size of your bathroom.

Your bathroom should be an escape. It should be a place you can go to and relax at the end of the day by being able to soak in the bath or take a nice. relaxing shower. But, if your bathroom is feeling too small, that feeling can take over the relaxation you are wanting to indulge in. Maybe some of these points apply to you. Or maybe someone you know. Either way, we recommend you look into upgrading the size of your bathroom if it makes sense for you and your family.

If you live in Northern Nevada, specifically, Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, or the surrounding areas and your bathroom feels to small and you are wanting to remodel your bathroom and upgrade the size in the process, our team of remodeling experts here at Paramount Craftsman Services are here to Bring Your Vision To Life. Learn more about our process and how we can best help you by visiting our website here.


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