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When to hire a flooring professional?

When should you hire a flooring professional? It’s tough to say. With the DIY industry being at an all time high and more and more homeowners are compelled to take on projects on their own, it’s hard to know when you should hire a professional to take care of your flooring project. With many varieties and styles of flooring being available, it’s difficult for the average homeowner to be versed enough to know how to install them. Or at least correctly. Some flooring is easier to install then others. Some require great attention to detail.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to hiring a professional, not everyone knows exactly what to look for or what questions to ask. For example, you may be watching a show on TV or on the internet watching someone do a quick DIY flooring job and you may be thinking, “well that looks easy, I can do that!” Which may very well be true. But some things to consider all vary based on the flooring type, the room the flooring is going in, and other factors.

If you have multiple flooring types in your home, it may be worth considering how you plan to transition between the different types of flooring. While most flooring manufactures offer transition strips to easy the burden of this worry, not all of them work or are easy to install. other things to consider are your subfloor type. Concrete subfloor requires different preparation than a wood subfloor. Concrete subfloor usually require some leveling to ensure the new flooring you install doesn’t have large air pockets underneath and that the flooring lays nice and flat. Usually with concrete subfloors, a plastic vapor barrier is required to be installed to prevent any moisture penetration into your new wood flooring.

With wood subfloors there are other issues that rear their head. Such as any nail or screw heads that may not be sitting flush with the subfloor. Squeaking or creaking flooring panels could cause some grief if not remedied before the new flooring goes down. Any lifting or uneven pieces will pose the same issues as the concrete subfloor presents. Wood subfloors usually have staples, nails, or other items on the surface that held the previous flooring in place, unless you’re installing flooring on a newly built home of course.

With all of that being said, it could be a lot to take on as a homeowner wanting to tackle the flooring project on your own. That is why it is almost always recommended to hire a flooring professional to take on your flooring project to ensure all variables and issues can be address so avoid any stresses that you may not be expecting.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an in home consultation for your flooring project and you are located in the Northern Nevada/Reno and Sparks area, please call Paramount Craftsman Services today at 775-238-3332 or email us at


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